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Cloud Solutions

Microsoft Partner - Silver Cloud Solutions Provider

Cloud services suitable for small and medium-sized businesses are not confined to productivity suites such as Microsoft’s Office 365 – time-saving technological tools to help you to run your business more efficiently.

Ashdown Solutions is pleased to provide other cloud services which include:

ShadowProtect BDR by eFolder

A backup and disaster recovery (BDR) service which gives you state-of-the-art data protection and business continuity in the event of catastrophes such as fire or floods which wipe out your entire system.

Anchor by eFolder

A secure file-sharing service enabling any-platform global access without loss of company control.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Anti-Virus

The most highly-praised anti-virus system in the business, according to many independent reviews, second-to-none for blocking malware and harmful websites.

MAX mail

An email management system which detects and blocks inbound/outbound spam and viruses and offers business continuity with an email backup solution.

Want to know more?

ShadowProtect BDR by eFolder

Disasters happen, both natural and man-made, however hard we try to avoid them. There are very few businesses in the 21st century that don’t rely on computer technology. When a server or critical applications are brought down, the implications for your company are inestimable – truly a nightmare scenario, which may prevent you from operating at all for long periods and will certainly lose you business, reputation…and customers.

ShadowProtect BDR will allow you to sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that all your data is securely stored in the eFolder Cloud. Here are the key features on offer:

  • Image-based backup and cloud backup, providing total server protection
  • Multiple recovery options, minimising downtime
  • Generous cloud storage
  • Scalable deployment, reducing costs
  • Comprehensive reporting and integration, allowing you to focus on your core business
  • Compliant data centres and military-grade encryption for the very best security

Anchor by eFolder

Many of us use systems such as Dropbox when we want to share files with colleagues, clients or business contacts. It works well but its security is not guaranteed so you take a risk with your sensitive corporate data every time you use it. Anchor allows you to share safely and retain full control over your precious files and folders. Here are the key features on offer:

  • Business-grade file sync, allowing secure file access from any device, anywhere
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Continuous backup and restore features so your data will never be lost
  • Full control over who can access data
  • Military-grade security and compliant data centres

Webroot SecureAnywhere Anti-Virus

There are many anti-virus services about, all with differing degrees of capability. For Ashdown Solutions’ customers, we’ve chosen the very best.
Webroot SecureAnywhere, if you read any of the computer trade publications or websites, is consistently 5* rated. Its cloud-based servers contain a huge database of programs, good and bad, constantly updated so you don’t have to give it a second thought. Webroot detects any program that’s a threat and cleans up its traces. Unknown programs have to pass a stringent monitoring process before they are allowed through your security net. Here are the key features on offer:

  • Small and extremely efficient, taking up very little space on your computer
  • Fast install and super-fast scanning
  • Top notch malware and malicious URL blocking
  • Superb protection from phishing attacks

MAX mail

The email system you use on a day-to-day basis will have a certain degree of security. MAX mail, which integrates seamlessly with other business email solutions such as Office 365, offers a whole new level of protection, allowing you to send and receive emails, confident in the knowledge that you aren’t inadvertently spreading or being infected by email-borne threats. Here are the key features on offer:

  • Guaranteed 100% threat detection
  • Anti-virus protection from the first moments of an outbreak
  • Unrivalled malware defence
  • Inbound and outbound spam blocking to stop annoying or potentially damaging junk mail from entering your system, with 99%+ accuracy
  • MailArchive option to meet compliance regulations, storing all emails in a in a secure, tamperproof, read-only archive

We are based in East Grinstead and covering Sussex, Surrey and Kent.